Telematic Solutions

We offer a range of telematic solutions for all types of light and heavy vehicles across all industries. Telematics can help reduce vehicle idle times and maintenance costs, increase driver safety, and enhance vehicle performance and security. As a fleet owners you will have access to an intuitive application which allows you to:

  • See Vehicle Location at any time using GPS and Satellite Tracking

  • Get Automatic Collision Notifications

  • Identify incidents of harsh braking, aggressive acceleration, speeding, rapid cornering and many other driving-related metrics

  • Monitor Engine Diagnostic Data such as Speed, RPM, Cruise Control, Seat Belt, Battery Voltage and more

  • Monitor Fuel Use and costs

  • Perform Vehicle pre trip Check Lists

  • View Journey Management and History

  • Filter search by vehicle location, showing which vehicle is closest to a pick up location

  • Send Messages and Job Delegation to drivers

  • Improve Mobile Phone Coverage utilizing high gain antennas and satellite technology

  • Record all events using Mobile Digital Video Recorders supporting up to 4 Cameras

  • Driver Facing Cameras with Facial Recognition can detect whether the driver is distracted, or showing signs of fatigue and warn them with an audible alarm, cruise control disconnect and seat vibration motor