Hot tips for AirBnB and rental property owners.


While working around Tasmania and Interstate, we take advantage of the benefits of AirBnB and similar services because it is usually great value accommodation with a more homely feel than hotels.

As a host, here are some things you can do to ensure your guests comfort, convenience and safety, as well as maintaining your own peace of mind:

A high speed and reliable internet connection - As we are mostly working while travelling, a good connection to the internet is invaluable. Asides from the guests convenience, as a property owner, a solid connection is imperative to the function of your security and communications. We can design and install networks that give strong WiFi coverage over your entire property or even point to point so that you can utilize one internet connection over multiple properties. We can also setup a login page to ensure that your guests are familiar with the rules of the property or direct them to like your Facebook page prior to gaining access to the WiFi.

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We often help set up new connections for our customers and whenever possible we use the services of Launtel. Launtel is a Tasmanian based Internet service provider that is offering gigabit speeds along with a very fair pre-paid system that allows you to easily pause the service, so you are not paying for a connection when its not being utilized. They also have the best customer service I have ever experienced.

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Smart Speakers and Entertainment - Smart speakers are becoming very popular and I’m always pleasantly surprised when I find one well set up in my accommodation. It’s easy to ask Alexa or Google Assistant for nearby restaurants or coffee shops, the weather and other things, just like if I was at home. Offering a Chrome-Cast or similar device to allow guests to stream content from their own devices to the TV or Theater setup is another nice touch.

Chargers - A universal charger by each bed and couch is a nice low cost addition to your property.

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Smart Locks and Video Doorbells - With physical keys, you run into certain risks that could be avoided altogether with smart locks. Physical keys can get lost, or copied quickly at a hardware store. It can also be a little more difficult to get the keys back from your guest and enforce checkout times, especially if your AirBnB property isn't nearby.

With a smart lock, you can provide your guests with a temporary access code that begins with check-in and expires after the check-out date and time. You can also assign different access codes to guests and others (such as cleaners) and easily monitor who is entering or leaving the property.

Video door bells are also a nice fail-safe, in case the guest loses or forgets their access code or their phone is dead and they can't unlock the smart lock. They can simply press the doorbell, which will give you two-way audio (and one-way video) communication with your guests and you can unlock the door for them.

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Smart Thermostat - A smart thermostat will allow you to remotely control or schedule the ac for your rental. Set it up to the ideal temp before your guests arrive and ensure that its off once they have left. Saving your energy and time.

Smart Lighting - The perks of smart lighting are more for the host than the guest. With connected lights, you can see if a guest happened to leave lights on when they checked out. Or you can set the lights to a schedule to simulate someone being home when the property is vacant. For guests, they continue to work as normal lights utilizing the original switches.


You also have the option to get a bit creative and change the atmosphere of the property by utilizing colored rgbw LED globes and strip lighting to highlight certain areas of interest.

These simple automation’s will save you a lot of hassle and some energy costs over time, especially if your rental remains vacant for extended periods.

Security Cameras - You definitely don't want to make your guests feel uneasy, but most will understand if you equip your space with outdoor security cameras. You will be able to see precisely when your guests arrive and depart, and offer them more secure parking for their vehicles.

It can be difficult to police how many people are staying. If you charge additional fees for extra guests, you probably want to know how many people are actually staying at your place when you're not there. Or if you have a strict no-pet policy and suspect a guest might be sneaking in a furry friend, you'd probably like a way to check on that.


Security footage is one of the few protections AirBnB hosts have, and it can provide undeniable evidence in case of property damage and theft. Also, talk to your insurer as most companies will offer a lower premium if they know you have a professionally installed camera and or alarm system.

Motion Detection - When creating your AirBnB listing, you may want to restrict certain parts of your property from guests, such as a basement where you might store personal belongings or the backyard. You can install connected motion detectors that will alert you if guests begin to wander and explore into areas they're not welcome.

If you decide to install any form of Video, Audio or Motion recording device (including a video doorbell), just make sure you clearly list that they're present and working in your AirBnB listing and keep them out of sensitive areas, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

We can design, install and teach you how to use these systems to their best potential.

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